Online therapy

Many people are seeing a psychotherapist or a coach. It can be useful if you want to explore a specific problem or if you are interested in personal and professional development.


For any of these and similar problems,  you can contact me.  

Coaching, advice or therapy?

If you are having any doubts, whether coaching is the right approach for you, feel free to ask, we’ll be glad to reply.

Psychotherapy encourages you to go back to your earlier experiences and explore how these experiences effect your current problem. A psychotherapist, therefore, helps you to become conscious of the impact that past experiences may have on your life that you were previously unaware of.

Therapy is very much an individual process and every person is unique, so there are no one-size-fits-all answers or solutions. It is about working together to explore your difficulties, wishes or dreams in a deeper and more meaningful way that could lead us to the root of your issue. It is also about being aware of and understanding your motivation and life situations you are in.


Therapy is typically done in an office. I chose for online therapy to be able to serve in more flexible hours. You can also talk to your therapist from the comfort of your home.

In case of emergency

For patients with acute suicidal tendencies the sessions are not adequate. In this case a stationary treatment in a psychiatric hospital is necessary. A stationary treatment in a psychiatric hospital is necessary in case of an acute psychotic episode.