Online coaching and therapy

With Skype, skillfully and with heart.

Online coaching and therapy can help you live a more fulfilled life. I want to help you discover what you need and want, what limits you and guide you through your own process to dare to be yourself.

My services


I don´t feel well.

Long - term collaboration for various personal issues or relationship issues that require psychotherapeutical approach.


I need advice

For people & (young) professionals looking for - fulfillment at work and personal leadership - a work-life balance - unsure about what career is suitable.


I want to improve myself

Coaching is suitable for specific questions, personal growth, issues with a concrete life situation. This requires mostly shorter term collaboration than therapy.

Coaching, advice or therapy?

If you are having any doubts, whether coaching is the right approach for you, feel free to ask, we’ll be glad to reply.


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